Basic Info[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Lisa
  • Race: Loxodon
  • Class: Evocation Wizard
  • Backstory:
    • A Loxodon that was adopted by a wealthy elven family from Cleviffe, he was always cared after and happy. As a teenager, when he started showing a talent for magic, his parents hired a tutor to train him. Unknown to them, Loxodon were not allowed to learn magic in their native city of Loxona. Shortly before the start of the campaign, his parents were assassinated and he had to flee Cleviffe to avoid being killed himself. He managed to book passage on a ship quickly to Selwyn and was trying to escape again on the Floral Bliss as he knew he was still being chased.

Future Personal Quest Ideas[edit | edit source]

  • He's hunted by the Forked Tongue. After the Floral Bliss is captured by pirates, they believe Theo to be dead or enslaved so they cease actively searching. However, after doing enough, especially in the Selwyn area, they will realize he's still alive and start sending out assassin's to take him out.
    • If investigated, it will be discovered that the Forked Tongue were hired by a Loxodon lord from Loxona that is livid an elven couple adopted a Loxodon and allowed it to practice magic.
    • His tutor can be found in a Forked Tongue lair being tortured for information on him.
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