Smuggler's Cove is small-city where the off-brand pirates meet to sell their stolen goods and slaves. Most pirates that operate out of here would be destroyed if sighted by a ship from the Corsair Conclave. These pirates have no rules, no morals, and not much to lose.

The city spans across a part of Raepos and multiple small islands off the coast of Raepos.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

  • The Market
    • This is where all buying, selling, and bartering happens in the city. People will set up stalls or just walk around with wares to sell or offers to purchase. Many things can be bought here and anything can be sold, including people. No established nations are kind to slavery but there are many less than civilized parts of the world (even within these nations) where someone can get away with owning slaves with no one the wiser.
  • Docks
    • About 50% of the city is just docks and the buildings and infrastructure to support. Every inch of coast on the city is covered in docks and is usually mostly full with different nearly derelict pirate ships.

Quest Hooks[edit | edit source]

  • The party will begin their journey here after being taken prisoner on the merchant ship the Floral Bliss.
    • The party will need to succeed a Constitution saving throw (DC 12) to wake up or be woken by one of the other members. They will also find the mapmaker Billium tied up with them.
    • A Perception or Investigation check (DC 12) will reveal a random party member has loose bindings and can escape with an Athletics or Acrobatics check (No DC, lower roll results in longer duration).
    • The party will find their belongings in a chest in the room with them.
    • They will then find two three (Bandit NPCs) guarding the ship (but not really paying attention). The party can sneak by them or fight them.
    • They will then need to sneak or fight their way out of the city and make their way to Selwyn.
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