Saj'aant is the only City/State in Aand. The island and city share the same name as the city covers most of the island. It is a desert environment with a large oasis in the middle of the city.

Districts[edit | edit source]

  • District of Bazaars
    • This district is made up entirely of the World's Bazaar, the vast trading market that operates in Saj'aant. All the shops are temporary stalls set up to peddle wares. Traders from around Aand come to set up stalls in the Bazaar and many others come to buy exotic goods. Things not found anywhere else can be found at the Bazaar.
  • District of the Bizarre
    • Created after the District of the Bazaar, it was named as such to be purposely confusing and funny. It houses the magic schools and research centers of Saj'aant. The schools of Saj'aant focus mostly on illusion but have places that touch on all kinds of magic.
  • District of Ships
    • The largest district of Saj'aant, this makes up the docks. Nearly all trade for all of Aand comes through this port in order to avoid pirates and take advantage of the Saj'aant protection and insurance. Many taverns also fill this district to serve the various sailors and traders that come through.
  • District of Laborers
    • This is the lower class district that houses all the day laborers for the city. The vast majority of residents of Saj'aant live here including many of the consistent traders of the Bazaar. Many taverns also exist in this district.
  • District of Kings
    • This district houses the palace and the wealthy residents of Saj'aant. Many wealthy traders and former nobles choose to live here due to the lax taxes and freedoms provided by the Saj'aant government.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

  • Shops
    • Tryst for Trinkets
      • This is a stall that has been part of the Bazaar for decades. The proprietor, Clenesh, acquires random magical trinkets and the occasional weapon from traders that pass through (and usually don't understand their value). This causes this shop to be a must stop for adventurers looking to gain an edge.
  • Taverns
    • The Salted Seagull
      • In the District of Ships. Run by Crusty, a former sailor.
    • The Wooden Mast
      • A Tavern and Brother in the District of Ships. Run by Madame Siclair.
    • A Bilge Rat's Respite
      • A lower class tavern in the District of Ships. Used by the deck hands that can't afford the prices at other taverns. Run by Bilge.
    • O'Henry's
      • A tavern that specializes in Ska'arin cuisine in the District of Laborers. Run by a gnome named Sully who is an expat from Ska'arin.
    • The Dusty Crone
      • A tavern in District of Laborers where the criminal underbelly of Saj'aant meet.
    • Ianus' Incredible Inn
      • An inn with a bar in the District of Kings, for the wealthy residents' guests.
  • A Desert Mirage
    • A fabulous casino in the District of Kings. Wealthy people from all over the world come to make and lose money.
  • The Sehrli School of Illusion
    • This is the biggest school of magic in Saj'aant and the leading school on Illusion magic in Aand. It houses hundreds of students and dozens of professors and researchers. They often work with the shipping guilds to provide illusions for the ships to prevent pirates from attacking.
  • The Bronze Palace
    • The seat of palace for the two kings of Saj'aant. Also attached are the guard barracks where the guards are trained and prisoners are held. There's also a courthouse attached to deal out punishments for criminals. Given the nature of the city, most crime is punished with death, banishment, or corporeal punishment to avoid housing an excessive amount of prisoners in the dense city.

Prominent NPCs (during campaign)[edit | edit source]

  • King Emund Saj (Human)
    • The Saj King of Saj'aant. He's ruled for 20 years, since he was 48. He's getting old in years but still holds much wisdom.
    • King Emund puts much weight in tradition, but he wants what's best for his people. He's not against changing the ways if it makes his peoples lives better.
    • Emund was the son of a wealthy trader that lived in Saj'aant so he's lived in Saj'aant his entire life. He spent most of his life in balls and galas, rubbing shoulders with the elite of the city. He decided to run to prevent chaos from erupting in the city when there was a near class war between the poor and the rich. He had good relationships with many of the Laborers leaders and managed to smooth things over. However, things are starting to get heated again.
  • King Sulaya Aant (Wood Elf)
    • The Aant King of Saj'aant. She is one of the youngest kings in Saj'aant history at only 32 years old. She won a very close election at the beginning of the year against an older, more established member of the populace, signally that the country believes in progress.
    • King Sulaya wants desperately to improve her city. While Saj'aant might be overflowing with riches, there are many people in the District of Laborers that barely get by. There are also plenty of criminals that take advantage of the poorer citizens. Sulaya wants to fix these problems which has made her enemies in both the wealthy and the criminal.
    • Sulaya is one of the only Kings in Saj'aant's history who was not a native to Saj'aant. Sulaya was a poor orphan who stowed away on a ship leaving Unber to try and find a better life. When she was discovered on the docks of Saj'aant, she was nearly arrested where she likely would've hand a hand cut off, been banished, or both. However, King Pumun Aant (the Aant King at the time) happened to taking a walk on the docks, as he did to see what problems the people were having, and saw the scuffle with the girl. The king and his wife hadn't been able to have children of their own and the king saw something in Sulaya that he couldn't quite place. He came over and told the guards he would be taking Sulaya under his care. Sulaya, only knowing the viscous tyrants in the oligarchy of Duliber, thought that Pumun had horrible plans for her so she fought as hard as she could. Pumun let her go but produced a small toy they had bought when the first began trying for children. He told her he didn't wish to harm her and could give her a better life. Sulaya knew this was dangerous but it was her only chance and she couldn't help but see the good in the man so she went with him. Pumun and his wife raised her for years, showing her the ways of the wealthy but also that the poor shouldn't be ignored. When Pumun died, Sulaya ran for her adoptive father's seat and won barely.
  • Clenesh (Triton)
    • Clenesh is the owner of the Tryst for Trinkets stall in the World's Bazaar.
    • Clenesh has only one true desire, to see as many strange and amazing things as possible. He only operates his store so he can afford to buy more strange things.
    • Clenesh used to be a sailor that specialized in diving in sunken shipwrecks for treasure. After discovering a particularly magnificent object, he became obsessed. He began leaving behind any treasure that didn't fulfill his desire for the wondrous. He was soon kicked off his ship and feared he'd never scratch that itch again, until someone offered to buy one of his trinkets. At first he balked at the idea, but then he realized he had no need for the one's he'd already seen anymore so he sold it and opened a shop to sell the rest. Then he used the money to buy new strange things from sailors at the docks which he's been doing ever since.

History[edit | edit source]

Discovery Age[edit | edit source]

Enchantment Age[edit | edit source]

Modern Age[edit | edit source]

Government[edit | edit source]

 Saj'aant is ruled by two, democratically elected kings, mirroring the two leaders of Saj and Aant that worked together to first establish the city while on the run from Narogand.

The position is a life term but if one of the king's feel the other is unfit to rule, they can call for a referendum. If at least 50% vote against the existing king, a new election is held (the king may run again in the election). If the people feel both kings are unfit to rule, a petition can be created. If at least 10% of the permanent population sign the petition, a referendum is held with the same rules as if one of the Kings called it.

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