Basic Info[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Kristen
  • Race: Triton
  • Class: Shepard Druid
  • Backstory:
    • Rhiannon and her family made their home in a sunken pirate ship off the coast of Saj'aant. The ship is deep enough to be unseen by those on land. Its proximity to popular trading ports means there are few sea creatures in the area and the water is often populated with ships. Her mother and father moved there from Nepolis shortly after marrying for reasons unknown to Rhiannon.
    • Her family currently consists of her mother and older brother. Her father died several years ago protecting their home and the surrounding reef from a Kraken attack. He managed to drive off the Kraken but died shortly after from wounds he sustained during the battle.
    • Rhiannon's family is very strict about having no contact with outsiders so Rhiannon has no friends save the wildlife she communicates with in the local reef.
    • Rhiannon has always been seen as somewhat of a failure by her mother and brother. She always tried to learn new things growing up but often failed where her brother excelled. Her father loved her dearly though and did what he could to teach her his ways.
    • After her father's death, Rhiannon had to take on more responsibilities to keep the family going. She was sent on an important mission to sell seashells and other ocean trinkets they had collected in exchange for food and other supplies, but she fell for a swindler's tricks and lost everything. After that, her mother became even more cold towards her, eventually forcing her to leave until she could prove herself useful. Rhiannon decided she wouldn't return until she could find and slay the Kraken that killed her father and return as a powerful protector.
    • How Others See Me: Bumbling, Good Intentions, Ignorant; People can tell that my heart is good. Despite my faults, they know my main goal is to help those around me. This can cause them to think I am easily fooled. How I See Myself: Loving, Determined, Ill-Equipped; I feel validated when people recognize my kind heart. I work tirelessly to impress others but often feel that I am not smart enough or capable enough to do anything properly. Triton Quirk: “The surface world is a wondrous place, and (I) catalog all its details in a journal.” Age: 50 years old (young adult) Physical Description: I am 5’ tall and have an athletic body type. I have blue-green skin, fins on my wrists and calves, long, purple hair, and bright yellow eyes. I wear modest clothes with scale-like features that slightly resemble armor (an ode to our family’s warrior history). I wear a necklace with a rune inscription that belonged to my father, along with other pieces of jewelry common for those living on land. Alignment: Lawful Good/Neutral

Future Personal Quest Ideas[edit | edit source]

  • Return home to find her family has been captured and enslaved by the Kraken that killed her dad.
    • Will have to hunt down Kraken and release them.
    • Kraken's lair will contain father's armor or weapon
  • Go to Nepolis and meet father's family.
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