Raepos is one of the most developed islands on Aand. It's central location causes it to be a stop for many repairs and emergency restocks. It also makes it a hub for small time pirate activity outside of the Corsair Conclave.

Cities[edit | edit source]

  • Selwyn
    • The only major city on Raepos.
  • Smuggler's Cove
    • A small pirate town where most non-conclave pirates go to sell stolen goods.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

  • Ancient Ruins
    • Selwyn is built on the ruins of of an ancient Isle Empire city. It was obviously an important city and some believe it to have been the capitol given the size and central location. Most of the ruins in the center of the city were demolished for newer buildings (although some were adapted into the new architecture), but the outskirts of the city have a multitude of ruins used for smuggling, monster lairs, and entryways into vast caverns under the surface.
  • Imperial Lighthouse
    • In the southeast of the island, there's an old lighthouse that was built during the Isle Empire. Lighthouses for the major continents weren't implemented until well into the Discovery Age so it's considered an interesting oddity that the Isle Empire had them so early. It was likely necessary for the sea-faring empire, however. The lighthouse has since been adopted by Selwyn to use for ships coming to their port, but it was abandoned a few years ago due to reports of it being haunted and the disappearance of some people going to check it out.
  • Caverns
    • Under Raepos (especially Selwyn), are vast caverns that seemed to be part of the city that once took up much of the island. They've long been taken over by monsters and smugglers, so they are quite dangerous to traverse.
  • Grotto Tower
    • The wizard's tower belonging to the enchanter Heptalis the Belligerent. The tower is high on the rocky cliffs in the far northeast of Raepos.
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