Narogand is a long, skinny continent in the western section of Aand. It is made of four nations that have previously warred for territory but have recently come to a relative peace. Omna is the biggest city on the continent and is a neutral city/state where the kings of the other four nations meet.

Nations[edit | edit source]

Disolut[edit | edit source]

Disolut is the northern-most nation in Narogand. It is covered in swamps and generally pretty light on resources. Because of this, they rely heavily on trade through their capital of Red Water. Disolut has been a constant victim of Wirall through history which contributes heavily to it's small size. Because of it's lack of territory, Disolut has put most of it's effort into it's navy, making it a leading naval power in Aand.

Wirall[edit | edit source]

Wirall is in the center of Narogand. It is mostly flat and featureless due to intense resource use and effort to flatten in order to make invasion of other nations easier. Wirall is the most war-hungry of the nations, often instigating and finishing wars with the other nations. because of this, their territory is long and sprawling across the continent and the border every other Narogandan nation. Their territory also includes the Broken Spear Islands which are contained with the Wound Bay. Their capital of Arrs is the most industrialized of any in Aand, dedicated to building siege machines originally but shifting to more peaceful machinery after the Treaty of Kings was signed. Because of their history of war, their king was chosen as general the only time Narogand had to defend itself from external attack.

Unregurd[edit | edit source]

Unregurd is also in the center of Narogand. This nation contains Omna within it's borders, but doesn't have governing power over it. Unregurd borders both Wirall and Duliber and has thus been involved in many conflicts throughout history. However, Unregurd isn't as powerful as the other two so it's relied on political prowess to navigate wars in a way that they come out on top (or at least neutral) without much loss of life. Unregurd was the kingdom to original propose the Treaty of Kings after the most bloody war in the continents history threatened wiping out much of the life on the continent. The king of Unregurd has often chaired the Congress of Kings given their great skill in politics. Their capital is Machiel and is the western-most city on Aand

Duliber[edit | edit source]

Duliber is the southern-most nation in Narogand. Duliber is the leading timber producer in Aand, utilizing it's vast Arrow Forest full of powerful Dulib trees that are both incredibly light and incredibly strong, making them perfect for most large builds including buildings, ships, and siege weapons. This forest also leads right up to the border of Duliber and they have put most of their war effort into securing these borders to ensure their neighbors can't take any of the valuable timber for themselves. There's also a colony of wood-elves that lives in the middle of the Arrow Forest that Duliber has made an agreement with not to disturb and to provide resources to. In return, the elves help Duliberns lost in the forest and help defend the borders. Duliber has a long history of sea trade with Disolut since they have never gone to war, never sharing a border, and sharing a common enemy in Wirall. Their capital is Unber and is the southern-most city on Aand.

History[edit | edit source]

Tyrannical Age[edit | edit source]

In the Tyrannical Age, Narogand was ruled by the Wildenn Empire, along with most of the Western section of Aand. Many battles were fought on Narogand from various rebellions. Eventually, a coordinated rebellion in several different areas unseated the emperor and freed the people. However, the different rebellion sects couldn't agree on many things, including a centralized government and capitol location and ended up causing a schism among the continent. It split into 6 different kingdoms (25 pre-Dis).

Discovery Age[edit | edit source]

When much of the world began discovering, Narogand was still warring among itself. However, the nations of Saj and Aant did develop ships and began exploring the islands off the coast. However, due to their focus on exploration as opposed to war, Wirall and Duliber made quick work of conquering their territory. The nobles gathered with as many people as they could and sailed for the first large landmass they could find, the two former nations working together to survive. They eventually stumbled on a vast desert island as their stores were running low. Not sure if they could survive a trek to another island, they circled it looking for signs of life. Finally, on the eastern edge, they found a huge oasis on the island. They docked there and began the settlement that would eventually form Saj'aant (6 Dis).

Around 10 Dis, wars in Narogand started to die down. Wirall and Duliber were busy incorporating new territory and Disolut was still reeling from losing a large swath of territory. In this new found peace, the remaining kingdoms started looking outward as well, hoping to find new territory. Disolut and Duliber started sending ships out to create colonies in the neighboring islands. Unregurd sent ships out west to search for more land that direction. The ships never returned and it was unknown what happened to them. Wirall continued to develop their new land and build themselves into an unstoppable war machine.

Duliber quickly encountered resistance when they ran into exploring ships from LeLain. There were many skirmishes trying to wrestle control of the land. There was no definite resolution as both governments gave up and the existing colonists formed their own societies. This was common in these islands as it was hard to connect with the central governments so many colonies eventually became independent with little use of force. By 170 Dis, almost every island between the continents was inhabited by some mixture of colonists from the different nations.

Enchantment Age[edit | edit source]

When the Enchanting Storm swept out of Hidentia, Duliber was one of the hardest hit, being so far south. The magic contained in the storm enchanted the Arrow Forest with it's current abilities of strength. This also led to Duliber having a far higher amount of sorcerer's than the rest of Aand. This was instrumental in helping Duliber keep up with Wirall militarily. Meanwhile, Unregurd used the new-found magic to enhance their charisma and charm to be able to navigate politically more effectively. Unregurd established the Bards Colleges in order to further the study of this effect.

Wirall continued to shift it's border north against Disolut. Wirall, Unregurd, and Duliber had ever shifting borders at this time through constant warring. Disolut developed their navy to the point they could use their navy to force Wirall to slow down land advancement or risk losing cities to Disolut's navy (60 Enc). After the next 600 years of increased magic and constant in-fighting, pretty much nothing had changed in Narogand.

Soon, foreign navies began to pillage port towns around Narogand. Due to all the constant warring, they had little defense in port cities that weren't near the frontlines. These losses causes Unregurd to come up with the idea of uniting the nations. They reached out to Disolut first, knowing that they had the most to gain from this arrangement. The organized an army to rival Wirall's between them and a navy larger than any other in the world. Use a combination of political prowess and miliary force, the two nations brought Duliber under their line of thinking and then forced Wirall to concede or risk being wiped out. They all agreed to meet in a neutral location to discuss peace.The location chosen was Unregurd's mountain fortress that had sat unused for decades. There, the envoys from each nation debated for weeks about how to achieve peace. Eventually the Treaty of Kings was written and voted on. It passed unanimously. Each nation would keep the land that it currently controlled and further imperialism of Narogandan land wouldn't be allowed. Also, each king would meet in the mountain fortress yearly to discuss disputes and reaffirm peace.The fortress was retrofitted to be a small city nestled deep in the mountain valley to be a neutral territory ruled by it's own government so no nation could use it's power over the meeting place over the other nations. The city was called Omna.

Modern Age[edit | edit source]

With Narogandan in a state of total peace for the first time since the Tyrannical Age over 1000 years ago, each nation turned it's attention to things other than war. Every nation was delegated to providing resources to Omna and it quickly grew as a safehaven for those that didn't wish to live under the direct rule of the kings. The city became so large that the small government put in place had to be updated to a fully functioning entity (26 Mod). It was decided the city's inhabitant's would vote on a Sheriff every 6 years to rule the city. All laws would be put forth by the Sheriff and voted on by referendum by the people. The Sheriff would be in charge of ensuring the laws were followed. In the event that the people no longer believe the Sheriff had their best interests in mind, a petition could be created for a Ousting Vote. With 200 signature, the vote would be held which would need a 60% majority to pass. Then a normal election would be held for the remaining time in the term.

In 13 Mod, a small navy made from pirates and militias from some of the neighboring islands decided that they could conquer Duliber and seize the Arrow Forest now that they were complacent in Peace. The kings called the first emergency Congress of Kings and decided they needed to unite to fight back or they'd be thrust back into eternal war. They knew that one army would fight more efficiently than four armies so the first amendment was added to the Treaty of Kings. The amendment stated that during a war with an external force, the kings would vote on one of them to act as the General of the Kings' Army. The rules of the vote were that each king would use ranked voting of the other three kings. The first vote resulted in the king of Wirall being elected as the General. He immediately went to work preparing the army and navy and marched on the attacking force. The victory was quick and decisive, obliterating the enemy forces. Since then, there hasn't been another attack on Narogandan land.

With the new peace, trade increased 100 fold. Due to it's location and sprawling ports, most trade went through Saj'aant. This new peace caused to city to grow even larger to become one of the largest city on Aand.

Government[edit | edit source]

Each nation on Narogand has it's own monarch and supporting government, but all the monarchs meet once a year to form the Congress of Kings and discuss continent-wide issues.

Disolut[edit | edit source]

Disolut has one of the smaller governments of Narogand, consisting of only the King and his Warden. The King writes laws and helms the military. The position is hereditary, passing to the eldest son. The Warden is the right-hand man of the king and is in charge of enforcing the kings laws and collecting taxes. The Warden is selected by the King at his coronation and serves for life. There are very limited circumstances in which the Warden can be removed: death, resignation, or treason. Many Wardens have been killed or forced to resign if the King decided they didn't like them, but this was dangerous as it could cause problems with future Wardens.

Wirall[edit | edit source]

Wirall's government is simple: it is the military. The military chain of command includes everyone in Wirall, with the civilians taking the lowest rung on the ladder. This means any member of the military can give orders to civilians and the civilians are expected to follow them. However, there does exist a system to review actions of a superior to ensure they aren't abusing their power.

The chain of command positions were named after animals to resemble the food chain. It is as follows: Bear > Lions > Wolves > Foxes > Mice.

The Bear is the monarch of Wirall. There is an apocryphal story that the leader of the rebellion that formed Wirall motivated his people to rise up by wrestling a bear into submission and taking it as a pet. To follow this tradition, the next Bear is always determined by merit. The reigning Bear comes up with a task or set of tasks and whoever completes the tasks best by the judgement of the Bear becomes the next Bear. Using this system is part of what has allowed Wirall to remain so militarily strong throughout the years.

The Lions are the generals of Wirall. There are 3 Lions, one to cover each front against the other kingdoms.

The Wolves are the captains. They each control a platoon under a Lion. How many Wolves are required are decided by each Lion.

The Foxes are the soldiers. They serve under the Wolves.

The Mice are the civilians. They don't fight in the wars unless conscripted. They must follow all orders of any person above them in the chain of command.

Unregurd[edit | edit source]

Unregurd has one of the most political governments. There is the Monarch, the Council, nobles, vassals, etc. The Monarch chooses who will be on their council. There are different positions on the council to fill different roles: the Stone is in charge of the nations defense, the Iron is in charge of the nations attacking force, the Brass is in charge of the nations research in magic and science, the Gold is in charge of the nations money, and the Obsidian is in charge of the nations intelligence.

Duliber[edit | edit source]

Duliber is an oligarchy ruled by the logging company that controls the forests of the nation.

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