Basic Info[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hannah
  • Race: Half-Elf
  • Class: Trickery Cleric
  • Backstory:
    • Lia is a 25 year old half-elf girl from Duliber in Narogand. She was raised by her mother, Caelynn Ilicin, an Elven woman, and her father, Frederick Dwyndon, a human man. Her mother came from a noble family in Ska'arin whom she left to be with Frederick. Because of this, Lia was raised without her grandparents and aunts and uncles (and the vast riches and lands they have). She was raised wealthy but is still slightly resentful towards her parents for ruining her chance at such a lavish lifestyle. Luckily, Lia’s father comes from a very wealthy family of merchants and her mother wasn’t completely disowned by her family so Lia grew up with servants, fine wines, and a beautiful home. Lia loves helping people but has always had a mischievous spirit, lurking around and eavesdropping on anyone and everyone. She likes to sneak around and disguise herself so that she can learn people’s secrets. Before leaving home, she dated a wizard named Bren who wasn’t the best boyfriend, but he taught her a few spells including Find Familiar which brought her her pet weasel, Popcorn. A few months ago, after her breakup with Bren, Lia decided to leave home and explore the world. Lia’s poise and beauty come from her mother. Her charm comes from her father. Lia has a pretty extensive knowledge of the wood of Dulib trees because of her father’s family’s trade. Her parents met when Frederick took a trip to Ska'arin to broaden his knowledge of trade routes and customs. Over the year he spent there, he met and fell in love with Caelynn who then came back to Duliber with him where to two got married and had Lia. Being a half-elf raised in a mostly human society, Lia was always different than the other kids she grew up with. This led her to be ridiculed by a few children but mostly she was adored for her beauty and charm, always the prettiest and most charming girl in the room.
    • When she was young, she was contacted by the Traveler to become one of his acolytes. She accepted and he's been feeding her powers in order to further to spread of chaos in the world.
    • Lia was flirting with a sailor on the Floral Bliss when it set off from port, not planning to be on the ship originally.

Future Personal Quest Ideas[edit | edit source]

  • Meet House Ilicin in Ska'arin
    • They turn out to be pompous and look down on Lia. If she's reached a certain amount of renown in Ska'arin, they'll pretend to like her in order to gain favor.
    • If talked to properly, the party will find that most of the houses fortune has been stolen recently. They can accept a quest to go find the thieves who turn out to be from the Cat's Eye cartel.
  • Maybe meet Bren at some point. He could've fallen into a bad crowd.
  • After sowing a decent amount of chaos in the world, the Traveler will contact Lia in a dream with a test for her.
    • He will direct her to an island with a dungeon designed around riddles and jokes. Completing the dungeon will allow her to become one of his chosen followers.
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