LeLun is a heavily wooded island and the home of the Eladrin. They live in small villages scattered around the island with no full cities.

Cities[edit | edit source]

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

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Prominent NPCs (during campaign)[edit | edit source]

  • Heliwyn (Eladrin)
    • Heliwyn is a druid the party will meet upon arriving on LeLun. She is on a mission from her village to stop the corruption that's seeping through the forest on the island. She travels with her lover Praniton who has become a Wood Woad. Heliwyn was a prodigy at the druidic magic her village practice. She picked up the magic faster than anyone had before and took it farther than any other living druid in the area. When the forest started dying from an unknown corruption, she offered to discover the cause of it.
  • Praniton (Wood Woad)
    • Praniton was always thought to never amount to much. He was never the smartest or the strongest or had any magical ability. He resigned himself early on to a life of performing some menial task in minor support of the village for the rest of his life. But then he met Heliwyn. She was beautiful and talented and highly sought after by many of the boys their age. He knew he wasn't much so he didn't bother her but they occasionally ran into each other and had small conversations. He assumed she was just being polite talking to someone like him, but one day she asked him if he was ever going to try courting her like the other boys did. He said that he didn't want to bother her since she wasn't going want him anyway. She kissed him and said he should have more faith in himself. They began a beautiful relationship, much to the chagrin of her other suitors, and were thinking of getting married when the corruption took hold in the forest. Praniton wanted to flee the island but Heliwyn knew she had to use her ability to save it. Praniton begged her not to, knowing it could kill her and he didn't know what he'd do without her, but she was steadfast that it was her destiny. Not wanting her to die, Praniton engaged in a ritual to transform himself into a Wood Woad without her knowledge so he could protect her. He knew this would mean he lost pretty much all personality and he'd never really be with her again but it was worth it to him if it meant saving her life.
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