The original god of Aand is unknown as they disappeared after creating the world. In the power vacuum that followed, powerful magic users (known as Magicians at the time) fought for control of the world and eventually formed an agreement to each rule over part of existence and to not interfere directly in the world any more.

The Creator[edit | edit source]

The Creator is the name given to the original creator of Aand (in the few texts and conversations that know of and refer to them). They are a being of immense power that lives between the universes in the multi-verse. They created the Prime Material Plane and the Elemental Planes were the result of the leftover material.

As part of the creation, part of the Creator's essence exists in all things on the Prime Material Plane. Appius discovered a way to harness this energy and form an avatar of the Creator during his investigation into how to activate Pelor's mount. He eventually decided not to use this as it was dangerous and could lead to him losing power. However, those notes still exist and could be found by someone that decides to use them.

This ritual involves combining large amounts of different material from the Prime Material Plane in different places of intense elemental energy. These sacrifices will cause Elder Elementals to be summoned and generate a crystal with part of the raw elemental power. Once all four crystals are combined in an important location, the avatar can be created.

The Nine[edit | edit source]

Each of the Nine are one of the most powerful Magicians from the Divine Age that formed the agreement for them to become a divine pantheon. Each agreed to create people according to their wishes and rule over a set alignment of people. While mortal, each wasn't too different than the other (although there were still differences), but after accepting their divine right and experiencing worship from the people they created, their personalities shifted to better align with their worshipers view of them. This has caused each god to be the perfect representation of their alignment, regardless how like that they were in life. Each of the Nine also has apprentices and lieutenants they allowed to ascend with them that act as minor gods and angels to assist them.

Moradin[edit | edit source]

Moradin is the god of fire and creation. He dwells on Mount Celestia where he is constantly forging. Moradin and his charges created the dwarves and the dragonborn. He represents the Lawful Good alignment.

Minor Gods:[edit | edit source]

  • Bahamut

Pelor[edit | edit source]

Pelor is the god of the sun and healing. He dwells in Elysium. Pelor and his charges created the humans and halflings. He represents the Neutral Good alignment.

Minor Gods:[edit | edit source]

  • None

Avandra[edit | edit source]

Avandra is the goddess of change and luck. She dwells in Arborea. Avandra and her charges created gnomes and firbolgs. She represents the Chaotic Good alignment.

Minor Gods:[edit | edit source]

  • None

Erathis[edit | edit source]

Erathis is the goddess of civilization. She dwells in Mechanus. Erathis and her charges created aarokocra and tortles. She represents the Lawful Neutral alignment.

Minor Gods:[edit | edit source]

  • None

Melora/Raven Queen[edit | edit source]

Melora had a split personality as a mortal and thus she fulfills two roles in the pantheon. Most mortals don't know that Melora and the Raven Queen are actually the same being. Melora is the goddess of wilderness and life while the Raven Queen is the goddess of death. Melora dwells in the Feywild and the Raven Queen dwells in the Shadowfell, both of which mirror the Prime plane. These two realms are the closest to the Prime Material Plane as she deals with mortals going into the world and coming out of them. She created the elves. The Eladrin are elves that stayed in the Feywild with Melora and the Shadar-kai are elves that stayed in the Shadowfell with the Raven Queen. The island of LeLun is where the border between these three planes is the thinnest and so walking on this island will often take you in between the planes quickly. She represents the True Neutral alignment.

Kord[edit | edit source]

Kord is the god of strength and storms. He dwells in Limbo. Kord and his charges created the goliaths and tabaxi. He represents the Chaotic Neutral alignment.

Minor Gods:[edit | edit source]

  • The Traveler

Asmodeus[edit | edit source]

Asmodeus is the god of tyranny. He dwells in the Nine Hells. Asmodeus and his charges created the loxodon and the orcs. He represents the Lawful Evil alignment.

Minor Gods:[edit | edit source]

  • The Archdevils

Auril[edit | edit source]

Auril is the goddess of winter. She dwells in Hades. Auril and her charges created the Triton and the Yuan-ti. She represents the Neutral Evil alignment.

Minor Gods:[edit | edit source]

  • None

Tharizdun[edit | edit source]

Tharizdun is the god of madness. He dwells in the Abyss. Tharizdun and his charges created the goblins. He represents the Chaotic Evil alignment.

Minor Gods:[edit | edit source]

  • The Demon Princes
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