Dbitja is one of the three islands off the coast of Cindarin that were colonized early in the Discovery Age and then subsequently abandoned by most people as they were dangerous and offered little resources. The only residents remaining are small, self-sustaining villages that are constantly fighting off the other denizens of the island. Dbitja is populated mostly by elves and dwarves.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

  • West Village
    • This village lies on the western side of the island. It's slightly larger than the Northeast village. It has a population of about 300.
  • Northeast Village
    • This village lies in the northeast of the island. It has a population of about 200.

Prominent NPCs (during campaign)[edit | edit source]

  • Salabon (Elf)
    • Salabon is the defacto leader of the West Village. He holds no special office, but he is the oldest resident and many look to him for guidance and advice.

Quest Hooks[edit | edit source]

  • Uncontrollable Hunger
    • In nearby islands, the party will hear stories of how the island is being ravaged by unnaturally ravenous beasts.
    • The Northeast Village has been defending the town from assaults by seemingly starving beasts and monsters on a daily basis.
    • The West Village is also dealing with the beasts as well as a strange wave of cannibalism in the town. People with no previous problems suddenly are found murdering and consuming fellow residents. At the time of the party's arrival, there will be a cannibal currently on the loose that they can't find yet. Salabon will tell the party that the only thing that seems to connect the cannibals is they all experienced tragedy recently.
    • Either town will offer a sizable reward to discover what's going on and stop it.
    • Investigating the beasts will lead the party into the forest. Will a series of successful Survival and Investigation checks, the party can discover a small tear to another plane within a mile of the West Village. Once within 20 feet of the tear, the party will need to make DC 12 Wisdom saving throws. A failure will cause the character to feel strangely hungry. A failure by 5 or more will cause the character to attempt to bit their companions. They can repeat the save each turn to resist the effect. Anyone that saves against the effect is immune to this effect for 24 hours. A successful DC 20 Religion will reveal the tear is to the realm of Yeenoghu in the Abyss. Yeenoghu is a being of insatiable hunger and he gives off an aura that causes others to become ravenous to the point of eating their brethren.
    • If the party chooses to investigate the crime scene of the last murder, a successful DC 15 Investigation check will reveal a small kitchen knife that was thrown into the corner. A successful DC 20 Medicine check on the body will reveal this knife was initially used to stab the victim and was seemingly thrown aside when the suspect decided to start rending with their teeth instead. If the party asks around about the knife and succeeds on the check (depending on the nature of the investigation), they will discover the identity of the owner of the knife: Bertold the dwarven tailor. Instead of finding the knife, a successful DC 20 Perception check will reveal a faint blood trail leading out of the house. The blood trail will lead back to Bertold's house.
    • When the party approaches Bertold's house, it'll appear normal from the outside. No answer will come from knocks or other call-outs. If the party breaks into the house, they will discover the house torn apart. There will be bite marks on everything and half-eaten food scattered all over the place. Exploring the house will reveal a door to the basement that's currently locked with a DC 12 lock. If the party enters the basement, they'll find Bertold sitting in the middle of the floor in blood-soaked clothes chewing on a skull. If the party is seen, Bertold will attack, attempting to bite them. He has the stats of a commoner but he has Multiattack where he attempts to grapple and then bite. The bite has a +4 to hit and does 1d6 damage.
    • Investigating the rest of the house and the basement will reveal that Bertold and his wife had separated a few months ago and had shared custody of their daughter. She was sickly and appears to have recently died while in Bertold's care, possibly his fault. His change happened shortly after that and his writings grew less measured and more erratic. Towards the beginning of his change, he wrote of dreaming that he was in the woods outside of town and a snickering voice was telling him to feed. Eventually he only wrote in blood (in his journal and the floor of the basement). It seems recently he could only write "feed" over and over again. The body he was chewing on appears to be his daughter.
    • The party will have to close the tear somehow to complete their quest.
    • Completing this quest will lead to Appius contacting them and thanking them for taking care of that. He'll then reveal the plot he's trying stop and enlist their help.
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