The Archipelago of Corsairs is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. This is where the collection of pirates known as the Corsair Conclave roost and protect each other. Each faction has it's own fort with the larger ones having surrounding towns with people that owe fealty to the pirate faction.

Cities[edit | edit source]

Most cities in the Archipelago surround the forts of the major pirate factions. They consist of the fort as well as the homes of those that owe fealty to the faction, the families of the sailors that work in the factions, and the owners of whatever businesses run in the town to support the people that live there.

Naseaux[edit | edit source]

Naseaux is the capitol of the Archipelago and the home to the ruling faction, the Onyx Coins. It's the only true city in the Archipelago, home to ports of trade, thriving businesses, and vast movements of money.

Bruised City[edit | edit source]

Bruised City is the largest city in the Archipelago besides Naseaux. It's also the oldest city, where early pirates first settled before it became what it is today. The fort there is home to the Red and Blacks.

Garish Garrison[edit | edit source]

Garish Garrison is home to the Gilded.

Fort of Bones[edit | edit source]

Fort of Bones is home to A King's Shattered Spine.

Fort[edit | edit source]

Fort is home to the Savages.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

  • North of Bruised City is the first Narogandan colony from the Discovery Age, long since abandoned and haunted by a dark spirit. It was unintentionally founded on the site of a former necromancers laboratory. The dark spirit is the final victim of the necromancer, who turned out to be a powerful and gifted individual that was able to turn into a powerful spirit and destroy the necromancer.
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