Basic Info[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Taylor
  • Race: Wood Elf
  • Class: Thief Rogue
  • Backstory:
    • Althaea lived in a well concealed wood elf village deep in the forests of LeLain that worked as a communist collective, valuing harmony and natural preservation over everything else.
    • One day, an influential member of the council, Dreali, started acting strangely and Althaea began to suspect that he was using magic to coerce or trick the rest of the council into following his lead. Althaea began spying on council member Dreali to catch him in the act and stop him. However, she ended up being caught instead and was asked to leave the village immediately. She told the rest of the village she was leaving because she wanted to explore the wilds, but was actually attempting to learn enough about magic to uncover what forces have been at work in her village and return her village to normal.
    • She was a stowaway on the Floral Bliss trying to get to Saj'aant to learn more about magic.

Future Personal Quest Ideas[edit | edit source]

  • Return to her village in LeLain to free it from the magic that's taken the council. Discover a powerful incubus is behind it and using the town to create an army of cambions to take over LeLain.
    • If significantly threatened, the incubus will flee to the Abyss, likely to return with reinforcements.
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